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Features, Functions & Operation

How to use the Foil Drive controller features and functions

Foil Drive Controller Overview

Controller Hardware. It's important you first understand the different components that make up your wireless throttle controller. This information is important to understand before continuing through this article:1. Power Button2. Throttle Trigger (T

Foil Drive Controller Features

WIRELESS CONTROLLER FEATURES. 1. Power Button. 2. Throttle Trigger. 3. Cruise Control - Advanced Riders Only. TELEMETRY DATA. The Foil Drive controller features telemetry data that is available on the controller screen. Once you turn on the controlle

Setting up Cruise Control

This allows you to pre-set a cruise control percentage prior to starting your session. The rider has the ability to set a percentage between 20% and 100%. Warning: We do not recommend cruise control percentages over 50% for safety reasons. Watch the

Power Modes

Once you have connected the App to your system, you will be prompted to choose a Power Mode. Continue reading to learn more about each mode. The Power Mode page on the app looks like this.                                   Click on each mode to learn

Boost Mode

Boost Mode is a function that you will have access to adjusting within the Foil Drive App. Boost Mode can be adjusted from 1%, up to 20% depending on which system and battery you are running. You can also switch it 'OFF'. What is Boost Mode?. Boost M


Latency is an advanced setting which you can adjust in your Foil Drive App for Gen2 Foil Drive systems. What is latency?. Latency is the time it takes for your motor to cut off when your controller loses signal with the box. Note: Latency is NOT when

Throttle Lock v2 Controller Feature

WIRELESS CONTROLLER FEATURES. 1. Power button. 2. Throttle trigger. 3. Cruise control trigger. If your controller displays "LCK" (Locked), unlock it by holding the cruise control  trigger (3) for 3 seconds. How to turn the throttle lock OFF or Change