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Foil Drive Controller OverviewUpdated 21 days ago

Foil Drive is constantly developing, adding features and providing up-to-date information on our controllers. As we roll out new firmwares and features, this is your one stop spot to find everything you need.  

Controller Hardware

It's important you first understand the different components that make up your wireless throttle controller. This information is important to understand before continuing through this article:

1. Power Button
2. Throttle Trigger (Trigger 2)
3. Cruise Control Trigger (Trigger 3)
4. Wireless Charge Point
5. Telemetry Data Display (Default is Throttle Percentage)
6. Controller Charge
7. Wireless Signal Indicator

Firmware Versions

Controllers have varied firmware updates, and the version you have may have specific instructions for some things. To check your version number, power on your controller and on the same screen as your logo, you will see the version number eg. V21.33

V1.17 (And Earlier) 
Original Gen1 Assist Controller

V1.18 (April 2022)
Version 1 Cruise Control Added - Engaged by holding Throttle and Cruise Control 
Telemetry Data Added (Not Compatible with Gen1 Foil Drive Assist)
Watch the original announcement:

V21.31 - V2 Controllers (May 2023)
New Exterior Artwork features V2 printed on the side
Updated Telemetry Data (Not Compatible with Gen1 Foil Drive Assist)
Improvements to wireless signal strength
Version 2 Cruise Control - Engaged by Pre-set Value then triple tap Cruise Control
Watch the original announcement:

V21.33 2a (January 2024)
Added Throttle Lock Function
Watch the original announcement:

V21.34 (May 2024)

Minor Bug Fix

The rest of this article will direct you to sub articles relevant to the topic you require. Keep in mind your controller version number to ensure you find the correct information. If the version number is not listed, the information is common. Note: Some menus may appear in a different order eg. 1. Pairing may be listed as 2. Pairing.

Basic Operational Functions

Foil Drive Controller Features - Click Here
Charging the Controller - Click Here
Re-Pair Controller - Click Here
Factory Re-Set Controller - Click Here

Throttle Lock v2 Controller Feature - Click Here

Cruise Control (V1.18) - Click Here

Common Troubleshooting

Controller Telemetry Incorrect or Missing - Click Here

Recalibrating Controller Triggers - Click Here
Checking Controller Triggers - Click Here
Replacing Controller Triggers and Springs - Click Here

Throttle Mode Reset for v1 Controllers | Assist - Click Here

Gen2 Specific Troubleshooting

Intermittent Connection Issues Gen2 Foil Drive - Click Here
Carbon Tracks & Foil Drive Gen2 Connectivity - Click Here

This article will be kept up to date! However, if your question was not answered try searching a key word in our help centre before emailing us at [email protected] 

Happy Foil Driving!


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