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Discover, Learn & Compare

Compare & Learn about Foil Drive Kits, Battery Options, Motor Systems, Cable Lengths, Motor Pods

1 category • 1 article
Configure your Foil Drive

Information about the product variables for a Foil Drive kit to make sure you get all the components and configuration you need!

7 articles
Ordering, Shipping, Returns, Warranty Policies & FAQ

Payments, Shipping, Import Duties/TAX/VAT, Returns, Warranty, privacy policy and FAQ's

10 articles
Operation, Features and Functions

Articles using Foil Drive, its functions, best practices and techniques

10 articles
Install, Assembly & Charging

Articles on installation and best practices

12 articles
Riding Tips & Techniques

How to get the most out of your Foil Drive™ unit

2 categories • 5 articles
Cleaning and Care

Articles detailing the correct method of cleaning your Foil Drive gear after each use.

7 articles
Foil Drive Mobile App

5 articles
Safety & Technical Information

Safety & Warranty guidelines for Foil Drive™ units

6 articles

4 categories
Maintenance, Refurbishing & Repairs

Articles about repairing or replacing parts of your Foil Drive

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