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Setting up Cruise ControlUpdated 3 days ago

This allows you to pre-set a cruise control percentage prior to starting your session. The rider has the ability to set a percentage between 20% and 100%.

Warning: We do not recommend cruise control percentages over 50% for safety reasons.  

Watch the video below to learn how to pre-set cruise control percentages and throttle limits on the controller.


1. Power button

2. Throttle trigger

3. Cruise control trigger


  • Select menu option 4. Cruise Pre-set
  • Default value is factory set to 036% - This is a great economical throttle setting which is faster than you can manually paddle but does not use high levels of energy for a given water speed.
  • Long press power button, last digit will begin to flash.
  • Short press to change last digit value.
  • Long press to move to next digit, repeat previous step

Once desired value is set, and no digits are flashing, tap the cruise control trigger (3) to go back to the main menu, tap again (3) to exit.

Warning: Never pre-set Cruise Control value to 100%


1. To enter the menu, press and hold throttle trigger (3) and press and hold the power button (1).

2. Using short presses of the power button (1), Toggle to '3. Cruise On/Off' and toggle ON.         

3. When ready to activate cruise control press the throttle trigger (3) three times within 1.5 seconds.

4. The motor will run at your pre-set throttle percentage and the screen on the controller will flash this percentage while active. 


1. Pull throttle trigger (2) above your pre-set throttle percentage. 

i.e., Cruise control pre-set to 50%, pull throttle until it reads above 50%

2. You can also push the cruise control trigger (3) to disengage, however this is not advised.

3. If cruise is set at 100% (Not recommended), you must push the cruise control trigger (3) to disengage. 

Note: If you have set a Throttle Limit (Menu Option 2), the controller will always select the lower maximum limit. 


Throttle Limit = 40%

Cruise Control Pre-set = 50%

Final Output = 40% 

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