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Intermittent Connection IssuesUpdated 11 days ago

In this article, we will explore issues that can cause intermittent connection issues with your Gen2 system.

If you find you are losing connection with your motor while foiling with your Gen2 system, read through the following suggestions to help troubleshoot the cause.

1. Compressed Pins 

If your pins have been compressed, this will cause the motor to spin intermittently. It may improve if you move the cable orientation or hold the plug. 

Inspect the pins on your system and compare to the images below:

Compressed PinsCorrect Pins

If your pins are compressed like the image above on the left, follow these steps below. 

a. Using a small Philips head screwdriver, very gently apply pressure to the inside of the pins to expand them back out like the image below:

2. Carbon fibre boards with Carbon Wrapped tracks 

A small range of boards that are constructed with carbon fibre and carbon wrapped foil tracks are experiencing connectivity issues with the controller. To learn more, click here
For boards that have carbon fibre AND carbon tracks, click here

3. Controller not Connecting to System

If your controller has lost connection with the system, or you have received a new or replacement controller, click here. 

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