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Foil Drive Motor Design | UniversalUpdated 11 days ago

Foil Drive Motor Design & Waterproofing

In this tech talk video, Paul and Ben will unpack the reasons why we chose this motor design, how the water proofing works and how we can achieve so much power out of a small, lightweight motor. 

0:00 Intro 

0:44 Harsh marine environment

3:32 Why is the Motor Designed the Way It Is? 

5:40 Foil Drive Podcast Ep 1 

6:07 Rotor and Stator 

7:18 Ceramic Bearings 

8:22 Maintenance of Rotor Steel & Corrosion 

10:21 Protecting & Refurbishing the Stator 

12:00 Do-It-Yourself Servicing - Upgrading or Changing Parts 

14:03 Iron Ingress & What to Do 

15:56 Lanolin, Lithium Grease & Cleaning Maintenance 

22:08 Motor Cleaning & Servicing

Below is a detailed diagram of the parts of your Foil Drive™ motor to help you familiarise yourself with each component and how these parts work together.

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