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Choosing Motor Cable Length

The beauty of the Gen2 Foil Drive system is that the motor is interchangeable. This means you can have a shorter length for assisted foiling in the surf, and a second motor for flatwater Foil Driving! Not sure which length to choose? Check out the vi

Measuring Mast for Custom Mast Adaptor

A how-to guide on how to measure your mast accurately to assist Foil Drive™ in making your custom pod

Choosing Correct Custom Mast Adaptor

When ordering your Foil Drive™ system, you will need to select which motor pod is compatible with your mast. This article outlines how to select the correct motor pod.

Compare Motor Mounting: Universal vs Integrated Masts

Compare the pros and cons to integrated vs universal mounting of your motor system. This is relevant to Gen2 and Assist PLUS customers. Universal Motor Systems. Thanks to the design of our universal mounting pod & mast adaptors, you can mount our mot

Compare Batteries | Gen1 & Gen2

Let's compare the Assist MAX Power and MAX Sport battery to the Assist Slim Endurance and Slim Performance Battery against the Assist PLUS Standard and PLUS Small Batteries. There are two Gen2 Units available - The Max and the Slim. There are two dif

Battery Comparison for Foil Drive Gen1 Systems

All batteries are purpose designed, built, and tested specifically for the Foil Drive system. Every battery is carefully manufactured and extensively tested in house, featuring a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure user safety. All of

Three Blade Propeller Hub -Foil Drive Performance Upgrade

Note: This upgrade is not compatible with Assist units. Below: Introducing the Three Blade Propeller PERFORMANCE UPGRADE. Below: Detailed Tech Talk Eo4. Three Blade Propeller - Learn all about the three blade propeller pros and cons and best use case

Propeller Options for the Foil Drive™ | Gen1

Choosing the best propeller option for your Foil Drive™ system

Airline Travel with Foil Drive Batteries

Have a Gen2? Click here to learn more about travelling by air with your Gen2. Aside from weight reduction, the small battery was created for the Assist PLUS to allow for airline travel. Due to its smaller size, most airlines allow an individual to fl

Carbon Boards & Gen2 Connectivity

An Update on Gen2 Connectivity with Carbon Track Boards. We have officially released the External Antenna Patch. To learn more about the antenna, click here._____________________Information as of 03 June 2024. Related articles. Wireless Controller Si

Carbon Boards & Optimising Connection

If you have a full carbon board, you will need to fit the supplied high-density foam into the tracks to help with signal propagation through your board. Watch the video below (from 1 minute 30) for some tips on how to install the foam into your board

Gen2 SLIM Endurance Battery Configuration

Important differences between the Slim Performance and Slim Endurance batteries and things to remember if you are swapping between the two!. Key Points. - Slim Performance - 40v. - Slim Endurance - 28v (Requires 28V charger!). -  If you purchase an E

Foil Drive External Antenna Patch

The Foil Drive External Antenna is a secondary antenna mounted on the top of your board for increased signal connection with Gen2 MAX and Slim systems. Primarily designed for boards featuring full carbon foil tracks laminated into a full carbon board