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Gen2 SLIM Endurance Battery ConfigurationUpdated 11 days ago

Important differences between the Slim Performance and Slim Endurance batteries and things to remember if you are swapping between the two!

Key Points

- Slim Performance - 40v

- Slim Endurance - 28v (Requires 28V charger!

-  If you purchase an Endurance battery after you've received your kit, you will need to purchase a 28V charger

- Endurance batteries require a battery serial number change on controller ('8'). Learn more here!

- Endurance battery requires nose cone 'C' (Comes standard with Gen2 Kit order).

- More about battery comparison here

To learn more about why we constructed the batteries like this, as well as more details about the key points above, please watch the video below.

- To learn more about the Foil Drive App for Gen2, click here.

- More on battery and charger Care/Maintenance here

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