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Foil Drive Battery Grease for Gen2 SystemsUpdated 4 days ago

This article contains information about the dielectric grease that comes with Gen2 systems.

Continue reading to learn why we have included a battery grease as well as where and how to apply it.

Warning: Use ONLY the provided Foil Drive Battery Grease on your unit. Do NOT use any other brand of dielectric grease on your battery or plugs as this will void warranty!

What is dielectric grease and why is it used? 

Dielectric grease is a special grease that is designed to lubricate electrical connections to prevent corrosion and improve connection. The continued use of this grease is imperative to keep your unit protected for the long run.  

Where do I use the grease?  

a. The battery connection plug

b. Plug inside unit                                                     

c. Removable motor plug 

d. Blanking plug

How often do I apply it?

Every single time you are entering the ocean! If you are foiling in fresh water, you can extend this out to every second use. After you have applied the grease generously to your battery several times, you can reduce the amount applied as the grease will accumulate on the plug. Always ensure the terminals are covered in grease on the battery and in the housing. 

How do I apply it? 

A. On the front of the battery, apply a generous amount to the connector. 

B. By applying a generous amount on the battery connector, all you need to do it grab the battery and push it into the plug inside the unit. This will now put dielectric grease on the receiving plug inside. You can push it in and out a few times to cover the internal plug. 

C. Apply a layer across the three pins on the unit, and another layer across the pins on the motor plug.

D. Apply a small amount on the blanking plug when placing it back on the unit when not in use. 

What do I do when I run out? 

We have included two tubes of the dielectric grease with your unit at the time of purchase. Before you run out completely, purchase more tubes from our online store here, or pick some up from your local dealer.

To learn more, watch the video below.

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As always, if you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Happy Foil Driving!  

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