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O-Ring Seal Care and MaintenanceUpdated 22 days ago

This article contains information about O-ring care and maintenance that is required for Gen2 systems.

Continue reading to learn more about these O-Rings and how to clean them. 

Where do the O-Rings go?

Each system has two O-rings. Once for the opening of the system, and one for the motor plug.

There are two different sizes of O-rings for the front of the Gen2 systems.

The Slim system has the thinner opening O-ring, and the Max has a slightly larger O-ring. 

The motor O-ring is the same between both units. 

                  Slim                                                                                     Max




What is the O-ring for? 

Quite simply, the O-rings are designed to keep water out. The O-Rings create an airtight seal preventing water ingress, any small number of debris can compromise this seal and that is why it is imperative you inspect, clean and grease your O-Rings after every session (and before your first use). 

Important note: O-Rings are designed to keep water out, which also means they keep air in. Never latch your nose cone on to your unit when taking it on an aeroplane. At altitude, if your nose cone is connected, the air trapped inside is going to expand and swell out, causing damage to your unit. So always fly with your nose cone disconnected!


The most common need for cleaning the O-Ring is to remove sand. Sand can easily build up when the nose is not latched, especially during battery changes down on the beach. 

a. Use the pick tool provided to scoop under the O-ring to remove it. 

b. Using a cloth or paper towel, gently pull the O-ring through to remove any dust, grime and sand. 

c. If there is sand or grime in the tracks, use a cotton bud or similar to remove any build up. 

d. Once everything is clean and free of debris, apply some dielectric grease to the O-ring and place it back in position. IMPORTANT: Use ONLY the provided Foil Drive Battery Grease on your unit. Do NOT use any other brand of battery grease on your battery or plugs.


Do not leave your nose cone latched for days, weeks or months at a time. Over time, this will crush the O-ring and compromise its integrity.

You can purchase replacement O-Rings online from our website by clicking the links below.

- Slim O-rings

- Max O-rings 

You can also check in with your local dealer.

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