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O-Ring Seal Care and Maintenance

Where do the O-Rings go?. Each system has two O-rings. Once for the opening of the system, and one for the motor plug. There are two different sizes of O-rings for the front of the Gen2 systems. The Slim system has the thinner opening O-ring, and the

Visual Inspection of the Electronics Box | Gen1

Periodically, you should have a good sit down with all your gear and have a good look over it. Its a perfect time to clean it and make sure there is no defects, wear and tear that could cause you issues down the track. Like the age old saying goes, p

Fresh Water Dunk Test | Gen1

Periodically it is always good to practically check the water tightness of the electronics box. We have devised a very simple fresh water dunk test you can perform to check its water tight. If your having issues with a little bit of water getting in,