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Optimising your Foil Drive | Throttle UsageUpdated 17 days ago

To maximise run time, system performance and battery life, you must understand the relationship between power usage and the added surface speed from the motors thrust. 

The below information is based on Aluminium Props and Standard Battery.

Throttle Percentages

30% THROTTLE approx. run time of 207 minutes (3.45hrs), providing a speed faster than typical paddling. This is very useful for stability and, if you’re not in a hurry, traversing at this rate will maximise your run time for a longer session. 

40% THROTTLE (COMMON) - approx. run time of 103 minutes (1.7hrs) and provides a speed faster than a usual paddle. This is common for returning to the line up in half the time. 

50% THROTTLE gives you twice the average paddling speed, making you feel unstoppable, at the price of overall runtime. 

+50% THROTTLE is just over 2x the normal paddle speed. It won’t add noticeable additional surface speed for a rider above 70kg when traversing due to board drag. This will also create bow waves in return for extra power consumption. 

70-80% THROTTLE can be useful turning around or making fast corrections in the water to set up for a wave where 100% throttle would be too powerful. You’ll use these percentages to sustain e-foiling as well.

+80% THROTTLE is for catching waves and getting up onto foil when e-foiling. It gives about 17 minutes of run time, when used correctly this is stacks for your whole session! We recommend using 100% throttle in short bursts for max boost and wave selection. On an average setup and rider weight of 80kg, to catch a wave you only need 5 seconds of full power, sometimes up to 10 seconds if it is big swell or you’re losing energy. This equals approx. 70-140 full power bursts if you use full power for catching waves only. 

Expected Run Time

The average rider will get around 1.5-2 hrs of surfing from one Standard Battery charge. This is assuming you're using 30-40% throttle to move around, with short bursts of 100% to catch waves and idle time waiting for waves. The use time varies depending on how much power you use and how frequently you use it. This estimate is relevant when surfing.  If you're down winding or wing dinging, a proficient rider is unlikely to use a full battery in a single session as you’re harnessing wind/swell for the majority of your ride. 

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