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Riding Tips & Techniques

How to get the most out of your Foil Drive™ unit

Getting Started

First Time Using Foil Drive™. Even if you have foiled before, using the Foil Drive will be a unique experience and will require a few minor adjustments to your usual technique. Follow these tips before entering the water. TRAVERSING AND MOTORING UP W

Optimal Throttle Use

To maximise run time, system performance and battery life, you must understand the relationship between power usage and the added surface speed from the motors thrust. The below information is based on Aluminium Props and Standard Battery. THROTTLE P

Optimising your Foil Drive™

How to maximise run time, system performance and battery life of Foil Drive™ Assist and Assist PLUS

Take Off Technique

Take off technique using the Foil Drive™ to get on foil

Overcoming The Bucking Bronco!

Sometimes when hybrid foiling with the Foil Drive, it can become tricky to maintain pitch control when the motor and propellers are going in and out of the water. We call this "The Bucking Bronco" as the board pitches up and down and the oscillations

Transition Between Motoring & Free-Foiling

Some say the tricky bit about learning to use a Foil Drive is the transition period between being under motor power and then popping up and free foiling with the motor out of the water. Paul shares some tips to make this easier!.