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Riding Tips & Techniques

How to get the most out of your Foil Drive™ unit



Recommendations and tips for Prone, SUP, Wing, Wake, Down Wind and Light Wind Foiling

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Winging with Foil Drive

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Getting Started

First Time Using Foil Drive™. Even if you have foiled before, using the Foil Drive will be a unique experience and will require a few minor adjustments to your usual technique. Follow these tips before entering the water. TRAVERSING AND MOTORING UP W

Take Off Technique

Take off technique using the Foil Drive™ to get on foil

Optimising your Foil Drive™

How to maximise run time, system performance and battery life of Foil Drive™ Assist and Assist PLUS

Flat Water E-Foiling

FLAT WATER E-FOILING WITH FOIL DRIVE™. Let's kick this off by saying, the initial intended use for the Foil Drive™ products was as a paddle assistance tool to help you get up on foil. However, as the demand has risen for flat water foiling options, F

Share Your Pictures with Foil Drive™

Share your foiling photos and videos with Foil Drive™ to feature on our social media