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Getting StartedUpdated 29 minutes ago

Even if you have foiled before, using the Foil Drive will be a unique experience and will require a few minor adjustments to your usual technique. Follow these tips before entering the water.


Foil Drive systems have a lot of torque and power. Care should always be taken when moving around. Very low power settings can be used to move around much faster than normal paddle speed, this is still enough to throw you off the board. 

When motoring up wind into the swell, be aware the wing may get close to flying speed and could stall, resulting in being flung off the board.

If uncontrollable movements occur, you are likely trying to motor too fast. Reduce the throttle, slow down and enjoy the scenery! 


As with all foil setups, the most dangerous moment is falling off. Never try to save a crash and ALWAYS jump away from the board as soon as you feel out of control and immediately remove your finger from the trigger. 

Turn the controller off before climbing back on. Never use the motor to drive the board back towards you.


a) Turn the controller off before jumping off your board to head in. 

b) Never open your electronics box while in or near the water. If you get water in your electronics box, learn what to do here. 

c) Ensure your battery is removed after every session (Failing to do so can over-drain your battery and permanently damage it beyond repair). Learn more about batteries here. 

d) Rinse, clean and check all of your equipment after every session

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Happy Foil Driving!

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