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Recommendations and tips for Prone, SUP, Wing, Wake, Down Wind and Light Wind Foiling

SUP Surfing with Foil Drive™

The birth place of Foil Drive, SUP Surf Foiling! This was the original intention of the Foil Drive when Paul first designed the system. The Foil Drive provides the additional thrust to get the SUP foiler up to speed easily to lift of the water and ca

Down Winding with Foil Drive™

We all know (or will soon enough) that Down Wind Foiling is really difficult to learn with just a board and a paddle in your hand. Foil Drive provides the thrust you need to get up on foil every time you go from a bump allowing you to really focus on

Light Wind Winging with Foil Drive

Winging or Wing Dinging is something we never thought anyone would want to use a Foil Drive™ for. However, what we didn't think of, but our awesome community of riders over on the Foil Drive Owners Facebook Group did, was light-wind winging with smal