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Down Winding with Foil Drive™Updated a year ago

We all know (or will soon enough) that Down Wind Foiling is really difficult to learn with just a board and a paddle in your hand.

Foil Drive provides the thrust you need to get up on foil every time you go from a bump allowing you to really focus on learning to read the wind chop and swell for that ultimate long distance ride.

The motor also adds a little bit of peace of mind when your out offshore on just a floating piece of foam and glass that if the wind dies, changes direction, you lose or break your paddle or your just absolutely tired beyond belief; that you can get back to shore safely.

The added thrust also means you can learn or dabble in the world of DW SUP with your existing wing foil board and you can do DW simulated runs at your local beach on a windy day without having to worry about shuttles and pick ups etc. By motoring out into the wind you can then turn around and do short DW runs back to the beach at any time, really increasing your foil practice time.

Check out these videos about DW with Foil Drive

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