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Light Wind Winging with Foil DriveUpdated 21 days ago

Winging or Wing Dinging is something we never thought anyone would want to use a Foil Drive™ for. However, what we didn't think of, but our awesome community of riders over on the Foil Drive Owners Facebook Group did, was light-wind winging with smaller gear.

Lots of people want to learn to wing foil that have never foiled before. With the Foil Drive installed, they can first learn to e-foil with the Foil Drive then grab the wing and add that skill to it. Trying to learn to manage the wing and foil at the same time can be a hard task!

Below: Watch Dom's videos below as he learns to wing with a Foil Drive. 

Below: GoFoil using the Foil Drive for a winging session

Click here to read Matt Callahans experience with winging with a Foil Drive.

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