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Carbon Boards & Gen2 ConnectivityUpdated 21 days ago

An Update on Gen2 Connectivity with Carbon Track Boards

We have officially released the External Antenna Patch. To learn more about the antenna, click here.


Information as of 03 June 2024 

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This article will be updated as more information is available.

The Identified Issue:
If you are not aware, a very small number of boards are experiencing connectivity issues with Gen2 systems. These boards are made from carbon construction and have carbon fibre wrapped tracks. While the R&D team did extensive testing on a large range of boards prior to release of the Gen2 System, this connectivity issue was never encountered.

We have done further testing and while some boards with carbon tracks have no issues, some boards were resolved by simply touching the controller to the deck of the board until the unit has breached the water. 

Note: This connectivity issue is affecting less than 1% of riders currently using Gen2 systems and is as result of a very small selection of boards.

Boards that have been identified include:

Armstrong FG
Takuma Rising Sun 2023
Core Kites (Unconfirmed)
Majek 40L Carbon Fiber Board

The Solution:
The team have been working very hard on finding a solution for this small number of boards effected, to extend our compatibility.

We have a working prototype that is proving to be a stable solution moving forward and we are continuing to test this. The next steps for us here are to continue developing this solution into something that can be commercially produced and used by all. 

This solution will be a user fitted, non-destructive, passive flat antenna patch that can be used by those with boards experiencing connectivity loss.

We understand that some people want to use these specific boards, or others with carbon wrapped tracks so rest assured that we are working to have a solution to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this. This is something that was unforeseen despite extensive testing as so few boards relative to all board manufactured in this world have carbon tracks.

We will continue to update this post with more information as it becomes available and look forward to providing a sustainable solution to those effected as soon as we can!

A message from Foil Drive founder - Paul Martin (7 Feb 2024)

'Before releasing the Gen2 system, we tested over 100 + boards (some of them Armstrong boards) and found all of them worked. Adding the foam to the tracks was necessary for full carbon boards and improved connection to the point where riding a glass OR carbon board felt no difference. We did this testing over a 2-year period but never came across a full carbon track + full carbon board that didn’t work. Foil Drive as well as our Dealers were not aware of the limitations with SOME of these carbon tracked boards and had given the best advice we had at the time. The reason I say "some", is many people use Armstrong boards with NO issue at all as they are not all built the same (with the same carbon layup), and peoples understanding of how the system works varies greatly. 

Since learning about the limitations of some of the carbon track boards, we have been working very hard behind the scenes to offer a viable, long-term solution to existing customers who are experiencing connection issues.'

If you are a customer who purchased a Gen2 kit and have a carbon track board, experiencing these issues, there are 3 options at this present time

1. Use a different board. Any board that has plastic tracks has much better connectivity properties regardless of if the board is glass or carbon layup. Click here to learn more about optimising your connection in your carbon board.

2. Minor Board Modifications. Some users have had success with simply machining a small slot/hole in the bottom of the carbon foil track and back filling with resin. This allows an area for the signal to pass through the carbon track. 

3. Await a long term solution we are working on, due in the coming months. This solution has a working prototype and is currently being tested further to refine and re-design for mass production. This will be announced on our social media, to your local dealers and via our mailing list (sign up on the bottom of our website). More updates will be further noted in this article.

- The Foil Drive Team 

To learn more, check out the other articles on our Help Centre which can be found under the 'Support' tab on the website.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy Foil Driving!

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