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Compare Motor Mounting: Universal vs Integrated MastsUpdated a month ago

Compare the pros and cons to integrated vs universal mounting of your motor system. This is relevant to Gen2 and Assist PLUS customers.

Universal Motor Systems

Thanks to the design of our universal mounting pod & mast adaptors, you can mount our motor system onto any brand mast on the market. 

The pros and cons to mounting your motor universally for Gen2 and Assist PLUS systems are the same. 


- Gen2 - You can purchase multiple motor cable lengths to use your Foil Drive in different ways

- PLUS - You have 200cm of cable to play with, simply un-tape the cable and choose a new mounting position on your mast (Note: If you have a tapered mast - click here)


- You will need to use electrical tape or similar to neatly tape your cable to your mast (Read more on installation here). 

- This method of mounting will cause a small increase in drag. If your tape job is not neat, it will add even more drag.

 Integrated Mast
These are collaborations with foil mast brands to fully integrate a Foil Drive Motor into the mast for a sleek, clean look and hydrodynamically superior performance.

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