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Mounting the Motor Pod to Your Mast - Foil DriveUpdated 2 months ago

The Foil Drive Motor Pods are designed specifically for each exact mast. Even two masts from the same brand are often completely different size and shape. Also tapered masts often require a pod for low mounting positions and one for high mounted positions.

To read more about selecting the right motor pod for your mast, see Choosing the Correct Motor Pod 

You'll Need:

- Your foil mast of choice

- Motor Pod specific to your mast, the new V2 Motors pods require the outer Universal Motor Pod section as well as the Mast Adaptor pieces specific to your Foil Mast.

- Hex 2.5mm Driver

NEW V2 Motor Pod Install Process:

V1 Motor Pod Process:

1. Clean and dry your mast before installing the motor pod. Trapped debris can damage your gear.

2. Using the supplied driver, remove the 3 external puck bolts to detach the pod from the puck.

3. Remove the 4 internal pod bolts, separating the two halves.

4.  Ensure the pod is the right way up with the square notch pointing towards the base plate of your mast. Position the Motor Pod at the desired height and re-install the 4 internal pod bolts

Do not over-tighten the bolts as it will strip the molded inserts out of the pod. Bolts should be finger tight, enough so the pod doesn’t move up and down. A small gap between the halves is typical in order to create clamping force.

A 1-5mm gap between pod halves is normal.

5. Once you’ve found the optimum ride height for the pod, lock it into place by applying ¼ turns until the pod can no longer move by hand, tighten no more.

6. Install the motor/puck onto the rear of the pod, making sure it slides in smoothly, without force and everything lines up.

7. Line up the 3 exterior screw holes and re-install the screws.


Most riders run their motor appx. 20-25cm below the board, this is a good starting point to adjust from. Small adjustment is available with most mast profiles, some tapered masts such as Armstrong and Cloud 9 have less adjustability. 

You can coil excess of cable near the box using the included silicon tie.

HIGH POD POSITIONS are great for most riders. The motor will only be in the water long enough to catch the wave. The system will exit the water as soon as you’re on foil, providing zero drag or interference.

LOW POD POSITIONS are perfect for learning and efoiling as you can maintain constant power and utalise the length of the mast without the system exiting the water. This also makes catching faster waves easier. When more speed is required, you’ll need longer periods with the motor in the water.

Tapered masts will need to have thin layers of tape added to pack out the space.

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