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Motor System Install

Mounting the motor pod, cable management.

Mounting Custom Foil Drive Mast Adaptors

As of Friday the 26th of April 2024, Foil Drive kits now come with a Universal Mast Adaptor. Please click here if you have a Universal Mast Adaptor.If you have a mast that does not fall within the specifications of the Universal Mast Adaptor, please

Securing the Cable

1. Clean and dry the underside of your board before application of the double-sided tape on the board cable guides (body oils, wax, sunscreen and other residue will effect the adhesion of the tape). We highly recommend using a cleaning agent like iso

Fitting Alloy Propellers and Hubs

This article has three sections:. 1. Fitting Aluminium Propellers, and 2. Fitting the Propeller Hub specific to your Foil Drive3. Fitting the Three Blade Propellers and HubNote: We highly recommend taking your propellers and hub off of the motor and

Fitting Plastic Propellers and Hub | Gen1

Whether you’ve purchased propellers, a hub, or both, you’ll need to follow the below instructions for installation. This article has two sections, "Fitting Plastic Propellers" and "Fitting the Propeller Hub". This article is relevant to Gen1 propelle

Motor Plug Care, Maintenance and Installation

Correct technique on bolting Gen2 motor plug to system, as well as maintaining bolt threads. There have been a few customers who have accidently threaded their bolts when trying to bolt up their Gen2 motor to their system, so we have recorded a video

Universal Mast Adaptor Installation

Foil Drive is excited to offer the V2 Motor Pod and Universal Mast Adaptor.Check out all of the important information, dive into technical videos breaking down all of the components or scroll down for important installation instructions.If you have a