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Securing the CableUpdated 25 days ago


1. Clean and dry the underside of your board before application of the double-sided tape on the board cable guides (body oils, wax, sunscreen and other residue will effect the adhesion of the tape). We highly recommend using a cleaning agent like isopropyl or cleaning alcohol to prepare the surface for best results.

2. With your mast mounted to your board and the pod positioned at the desired height, test fit the cable up the mast. With the box placed on top, run the cable directly towards the back of the board and then around the end to the underside. The cable must run directly behind the mast for minimal water drag on the cable.

3. Peel off the sticky backing and mount the guides in place to the underside of the board.

4. Use the mast cable guides to run the cable vertically along the trailing edge of the mast.

5. Duct tape, clear tape or rail protection tape are the simplest and lowest profile recommendations to secure the cable and guides to the mast. Always secure these with tape as water drag will loosen the cable, enabling it to connect with the propeller, damaging your unit. Ensure there is a solid wrap of tape all the way from the pod to the top plate of your mast.


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