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Lengthening or Repairing a Motor Cable | Gen1Updated 11 days ago

If you already have a Foil Drive and you really want your cable to be a bit longer, watch the below video for a step by step with some super important points to keep in mind.

Its always easier to cut things down than it is to make things longer! If you haven't ordered yet, keep this in mind and check out our other article about Shortening a Motor Cable.

You'll Need:

- Soldering Skills

- Regular 20mm Spanner or Shifter

- Thin 20mm Spanner or Thin Shifter

- Wire cutters / Side snip

- Wire Stripper

- Cyanoacrylate Super Glue and Accelerator or Silicon

- Soldering Iron with Solder

- Heat Gun or torch

- Cable Extension Kit From Foil Drive Please use only cable supplied by Foil Drive, its a very specific high strand count copper cable to handle the current draw of the motor.

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