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Motor System Troubleshooting & Repair

Troubleshooting and repairing your Foil Drive motor system

Intermittent Connection Issues

1. Compressed Pins. If your pins have been compressed, this will cause the motor to spin intermittently. It may improve if you move the cable orientation or hold the plug. Inspect the pins on your system and compare to the images below:. Compressed P

Removing the Circlip & Separating Motor Parts | Gen1

You will need:. - 2.5mm Hex Driver. - Circlip removal tool. - Spray penetrating lubricant such as wd-40, inox etc. - Motor separation jig including alloy plate and 10mm punch. Highly recommended to prevent damage to the bearings. See below video "Mot

Full Foil Drive™ Motor Refurbishment

How to carry out Motor Refurbishment and Maintenance for Foil Drive™ Systems.

Foil Drive™ Rotor Refurbishment

How to repair the rotor on your Foil Drive motor™

Replacing and Securing Ceramic Bearings on Foil Drive™ Motor

How to replace the ceramic bearings in your Foil Drive™ motor.

Fixing Exposed Copper Wiring on Foil Drive™ Stator

How to fix exposed copper wiring on the stator of your Foil Drive™ motor

Motor Pod Stuck

Below is a detailed diagram of the parts of your Foil Drive™ motor. In this article, you will be working with the motor puck and the motor pod that attaches to it (Not pictured). What is a motor pod?. 1. The motor pod is the black bullet shape clamp

Foil Drive™ Motor Vibrating

Although uncommon, here are a few things to consider if you feel your motor isn't running smoothly. 1. Ensure both propeller blades aren’t damaged, even a small chip from the blade can cause a loss of balance and vibration. Both blades should flick o

Puck Not Fitting on Universal Motor Pod

There is a small batch of V4 N12 pucks that do not fit into the new v2 Universal Pods. There is a small modification that needs to be done to make the older 3D printed puck fit. Please see below for steps on how to carry this out. Note: On older grey

Gen2 Motor & Puck not fitting older 3D Printed Pod

With increased power, torque and thrust of the Gen2 systems, we had to strengthen the connection between the motor and the pod. The new injection moulded pods have small pockets moulded into them there the new puck has corresponding tab around the pe

Shortening a Motor Cable | Gen1

Don't forget, its easy to cut it short, but much harder to make it longer! Also measure twice, cut once!. If you are not comfortable performing these tasks, you can of course contact [email protected] or your local dealer to arrange to send your

Lengthening or Repairing a Motor Cable | Gen1

Its always easier to cut things down than it is to make things longer! If you haven't ordered yet, keep this in mind and check out our other article about Shortening a Motor Cable. You'll Need:. - Soldering Skills. - Regular 20mm Spanner or Shifter.