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Puck Not Fitting on Universal Motor PodUpdated 10 days ago

If you have an older 3D printed puck, you may experience difficulty fitting it to a V2 Universal Pod.

There is a small batch of V4 N12 pucks that do not fit into the new v2 Universal Pods. There is a small modification that needs to be done to make the older 3D printed puck fit. Please see below for steps on how to carry this out. 

Note: On older grey or white 3D printed Pucks, check that the heat staked threaded inserts are still pressed all the way in flush with the material surface. See this article here for more info.

What you will need:

- File or scalpel knife 


1. Using a file or scalpel, slowly remove small layers of the pack in this area 

2. Keep checking the fit with the puck to ensure you do not remove too much. 

Watch the video blow to see Paul carry out this modification.

If you have a Gen2 motor that does not fit a older 3D printed Motor Pod, see this article

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