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Gen2 Motor & Puck not fitting older 3D Printed PodUpdated 10 days ago

With increased power, torque and thrust of the Gen2 systems, we had to strengthen the connection between the motor and the pod. 

The new injection moulded pods have small pockets moulded into them there the new puck has corresponding tab around the perimeter. This gives this connection much more strength.

These tabs on the new Gen2 pucks are the reason they do not fit properly into the older 3d printed pods.

Left: New style Gen2 Puck with external tabs to improve connection strength.

Right: Older style pucks

If you have a older 3d printed pod that your Gen2 motor doesn't fit into, you can:

- purchase a Mast Adaptor for that mast to use with your injection moulded Universal Motor Pod that came with your Gen2 kit

- cut, grind or file off the tabs on the gen2 motor puck (not recommended as it reduces the strength of the connection as described above)

This is different to a older puck not fitting a new injection moulded Universal Motor Pod.

Read about that here

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