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Removing the Circlip & Separating Motor Parts | Gen1Updated 9 days ago

For all Foil Drive motors sold prior to 2023, you will need to remove the circlip from your motor to be able to separate the can/rotor from the rest of the motor for easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

This video will walk you through the process of removing the circlip from the shaft and safely separating the rotor from the stator.

You will need:

- 2.5mm Hex Driver

- Circlip removal tool

- Spray penetrating lubricant such as wd-40, inox etc

- Motor separation jig including alloy plate and 10mm punch. Highly recommended to prevent damage to the bearings. See below video "Motor Separation Jig".

NOTE: When placing the motor can/rotor back on the stator, you MUST use two hands to slowly guide it back on. Once the magnets grab, you must ensure the rotor doesn't slam against the stator otherwise you risk damaging your bearings.

The separation jig we use in the video is simply a piece of 10mm thick alloy bar with holes drilled in it so it can be secured to the motor. You can purchase the Motor Separation Jig here.

See the below pics for measurements and the DXF file if you would like a local machining shop to produce a plate for you.

Measurements in millimetres:

Measurements In inches:

motor holder 8mm pin 3D model.STEP4.5KB

We do also have Replacement Ceramic Bearings for sale on the website if required.

If you separate your rotor and upper bearings remain on the motor shaft as depicted below, please follow the instructions in the Replacing Ceramic Bearings article to re-seat the bearings in the stator correctly to prevent damaging them. 

If you would like help or advice on the state of your motor upon separation, contact us with clear images sent to [email protected] 

Note: Don't worry, motors often look in much worse condition than they actually are. Discoloration and surface corrosion can look bad but it's actually only cosmetic and easily reversible.

For information about refurbishing your motor after you have separated the two halves, see the Motor Refurbishment article and videos.

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As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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