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Motor Hard to Pull Apart for Cleaning | Gen1Updated 9 days ago

Foil Drive motors purchased before December 2022 came from factory with a circlip installed on the motor shaft that prevented the spinning outer can from being removed by hand.

See this article if your motor needs to have the circlip removed.

If you purchased your motor after January 2023 but your motor is difficult to separate by hand, you can add some marine grease to the stainless steel shaft to help lubricate it and keep it clean.

When separating the rotor from the stator, ensure you are pulling the rotor out straight, and not at an angle.

NOTE: When placing the motor can/rotor back on the stator, you MUST use two hands to slowly guide it back on. Once the magnets grab, you must ensure the rotor doesn't slam against the stator otherwise you risk damaging your bearings.

To learn more about motor cleaning and maintenance, click here.

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