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Motor Cleaning and MaintenanceUpdated 23 days ago

While the Foil Drive motor is super hardy and very robust, it remains susceptible to the harsh marine environment. Just like any other marine device or toy, the motor requires regular care and maintenance to remain in top condition. Some simple steps after every use can ensure the motors will last you a long time and be super reliable.

Fresh Water Rinse
It is most important to remove and rinse the Rotor (Motor Can) from the Stator as soon as you can. If you don't have access to a hose or running water, a drink bottle with fresh water is a great start. If you are riding in fresh water, it is still important to rinse your system as minerals and debris can also cause issues long term.

Dry and Lubricate
Always dry your Foil Drive parts and store your system with the Rotor removed from the Stator. Salt water in particular is extremely aggressive, even a small residue can begin the oxidisation process and if not spotted early, can cause your motor to seize. Once dry, we recommend lightly lubricating the rotor and stator with Lanolin Rust Preventor or similar.  

Throttle Controller
You must also rinse your Throttle Controller in fresh water. Submerge and (with the controller off) pull each trigger in to thoroughly rinse. When done, ensure you shake as much water from the internals as possible to assist in drying.

NOTE: When placing the motor can/rotor back on the stator, you MUST use two hands to slowly guide it back on. Once the magnets grab, you must ensure the rotor doesn't slam against the stator otherwise you risk damaging your bearings.

If you're finding it hard to pull the motor apart after each session, adding a light amount of grease to the motor shaft can really help lubricate it passing through the ceramic bearings.

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