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Propeller Options for the Foil Drive™ | Gen1Updated 11 days ago

When purchasing your Foil Drive™ online, you will be prompted to select a propeller variation. 

You can purchase propellers at any stage as either spares, or an upgrade. 

It's important to understand the differences, performance analysis and recommended use cases in order to select the right propeller for you. 

The first thing to consider when selecting props is which Foil Drive kit you will be using them on. Both the Assist and the Assist PLUS are compatible with the Standard and Durable Propellers. Only the Assist PLUS can be used with Aluminium Props. 

Remember, no matter which option you select, spinning propellers are dangerous and must be respected and used with caution. Always turn your system off when moving in or out of the water.

These are the original, standard issue propellers that will come with your kit if you do not specify an upgraded option (durable or alloy). They offer the best rigidity and performance of the two plastic propeller options, however, are the most delicate so require more care. Small chips no larger than a few millimetres can be sanded back with a fine sandpaper, ensuring both props remain the same shape.  

Weight (Pair): 22.7g
Hub Compatibility: Durable Hub (Grey)
Hub Weight: 29.5g
Kit Compatibility: Assist and Assist PLUS

Pro: Best performance option for the Assist
Con: Chips easily - Requires more care when transporting

Designed to be used in debris filled waters or for offshore security, the durables are a tougher propeller option when compared to the standard (white) propellers. The extra strength comes from the materials ability to flex ever so slightly; however, this flex does create a loss of 5% efficiency and thrust. 

Watch the video below to learn more about durable propellers and how they compare to the standard white propellers.

Weight (Pair): 19.5g
Hub Compatibility: Durable Hub (Grey)
Hub Weight: 29.5g
Kit Compatibility: Assist and Assist PLUS

Pro: Less chance to damage if struck by debris - More reliable when offshore (Less likely to damage and lose a prop and have to paddle back in).
Con: Lowest performance of all three options.

The ultimate upgrade - Increased thrust, efficiency, smoothness and durability. These props are just about bulletproof! 

Enjoy a little more of everything without worrying about damaging or losing a propeller. 
These 5 axis CNC machined props are a refined, sleeker shape that do not flex under load, providing more thrust and torque throughout the power range. 

Note: We highly recommend this upgrade as 95% of Foil Drive users either have them, or upgrade at a later date.

Weight (Pair): 36.4g
Hub Compatibility: Nylon Hub (Dark Grey)
Hub Weight: 26.8g
Material: Anodised Aluminium 
Kit Compatibility: Assist PLUS (Note: While they will fit with the Assist, the RPM is too low for these propellers to produce the full thrust and torque, hence why they are not compatible).

Pro: Ultimate Durability - Increased Performance - Highly Recommended
Con: Not compatible with the Assist 

All data provided below is for comparative purposes only. This data does not reflect actual ride time as there are many variables that will alter this in the real-world including rider weight, battery age, foil selection, use case, environmental factors etc. 

Note: Data has been collected in a controlled environment using an Axis 19mm Alloy Mast, no wings, board or fuse. It is also worth remembering that in real circumstances, a rider will be using a combination of throttle percentages, also altering overall runtime. 

Although the runtime may look similar at a glance, when you take note of the time stamps (In minutes) above each data point, there is quite the variation especially around the 20-40% throttle mark. When used correctly, an extra 20 minutes of battery life can equate to significantly more water time. This graph also notes the estimated speed comparison of a fast paddle.

There are two hub variations, the Durable and the Nylon
 Durable Hub (Image left) is for Standard and Durable propellers, whereas the Nylon Hub (Image right) has a slightly different design and is to be used with the Aluminium Props only. 

Note: You MUST NOT use the incorrect hub with the incorrect props.
The Nylon Hub has a bar built into the centre to stop the alloy props from folding too far inwards. Incorrect pairing of propellers and hubs may cause damage to both parts and will stop the propellers from folding in and out as they should. 


Continuing our quest to produce the best possible foiling experience for all Foil Drive riders, we are proud to announce the launch of the Three Blade Propeller Hub. If you are looking to reach maximum performance, the Three Blade Propeller Hub is a game changer for riders needing more power to get on foil!


When compared to the existing two blade propeller hub, the performance characteristics of the three blade hub include:

- Increased low end thrust
- Less cavitation when the props breach the surface
- A slightly smoother, quieter ride


Compared to the Two Blade Propeller Hub, the Three Blade Propeller Hub produces extra low end torque, so it gives a more forceful ‘push’ at low speed. As a result it is best used as an ‘assist’ to help get on foil, and for short bursts of e-foiling. If used efficiently it can lead to longer run-times from each battery charge, due to drawing power for shorter amounts of time. 


It will benefit anyone who needs just a little more power in order to get on foil, whether this is due to using a low volume board, using a smaller or higher aspect foil than usual, or if you are a heavier rider. 


- It should NOT be used for prolonged periods of e-foiling at full throttle, as this could cause the electronics to overheat. 
- If used for extended periods of e-foiling it will reduce the run-time from each battery charge.
- There is a slight reduction in top end speed.
- The extra thrust makes the trigger more sensitive, which can make it more difficult for beginners and lightweight riders to control, especially when getting on foil.


The new three blade propeller hub is an optional upgrade from Foil Drive. It will be available for purchase as:

COMPLETE SET: a hub, plus 3x aluminium propellers. Foil Drive recommends the purchase of the complete set as this will ensure all 3 propellers are balanced within a 0.2g weight tolerance.

UPGRADE: a hub, plus x1 aluminium propeller.

REPAIR: The hub can be purchased on its own under the ‘repairs’ section of the Foil Drive website only)

To upgrade or replace your propellers, click here.
To learn how to change your propellers, check here.

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As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


Happy Foil Driving!

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