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Fitting Plastic Propellers and Hub | Gen1Updated 15 days ago

Whether you’ve purchased propellers, a hub, or both, you’ll need to follow the below instructions for installation. This article has two sections, "Fitting Plastic Propellers" and "Fitting the Propeller Hub". This article is relevant to Gen1 propellers and hubs.

Note: We highly recommend taking your propellers and hub off of the motor and applying new grease from time to time. We suggest Tef Gel or a Marine Grease.

NOTE: Plastic Hubs and Propellers are not compatible with the Nylon Hub or Alloy Propellers

Fitting the Propeller Hub
To fit a new Propeller Hub, remove your existing hub and prepare the surface. You can use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean away any salt residue or existing grease. 

Re-apply Tef Gel or a Marine Grade Grease to the exposed metal on the bottom of your motor and the hub bolts. Your hub bolts must be tight, but do not need to be overtightened.

Fitting Plastic Propellers
Your new propellers do not come with mounting hardware, you will need to use your existing propeller bolts. If required, you can purchase a Stainless Steel Bolt Kit here.

The propellers must be installed in the correct orientation, when done correctly the bolt holes will all line up.

When tightening your bolts, you should turn them to the point where they are finger tight. Overtightening your bolts may cause damage to your hub as they do need to be able to fold in and out freely.
To test this, tighten your propellers then hold your motor with the props facing the sky. Slowly loosen off the bolts until the propellers can flop into their open position without any force.

Note: For Alloy Propellers, see here. 

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