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Foil Drive Propeller Guard - ProposedUpdated 15 days ago

Given ongoing discussion online, we would like to gather interest on a potential new accessory "Foil Drive Propeller Guard".

We understand some people have been tinkering with designs where a guard is mounted to the Motor Pod to help protect against impact with the propeller. 

As a result of requests, we have been working on a design for some time now. One that finds a middle ground of safety, considers pros and cons as well as hydrodynamics.

While this product is not yet available, we would like to collect expression of interest to determine if we continue, with considerable expense, to make this product available.

Some information before you vote is below:
Dealers can vote through provided link in your emails
Individuals can vote through the Poll in the Facebook Owners Group

If you'd rather watch Paul talk through all the details, click below:


- The Foil Drive Motor Pod was designed as a compact, hydrodynamic shape in order to reduce drag and optimise speed and thrust capabilities. 

- Adding a propeller guard of any design will significantly reduce runtime, thrust, rider feeling and hydrodynamics.
- A solution must be optional and removable
- A solution must address the increase of perceived safety and what risks may be at place using a guard (Outlined below)
- A solution must be affordable
- High and low speed factors
- A solution must be one piece, and connections become a weak point and will break on impact.

Proposed Solution:

- As pictured, the solution below is a moulded guard that replaces the rear section of the Universal Motor Pod if desired.

- The guard that has been designed will be Injection Moulded in order to create a product that will withstand impact. Anything less, like a 3D printed material, will simply flex or crush on impact.

- We considered a design that slides over the top of the existing part; however, this would then increase drag, and create excessive load on the three Motor Pod Bolts.

- This is compatible with the V2 Universal Motor Pod Adaptor. You would need to upgrade your Motor Pod if you have an older, 2 piece Motor Pod.  

The Pros:

-  Creates a basic barrier between propeller and body.

The Cons:

- Perceived Safety. Riders may rely on this part to project them and become negligent in propeller and foil safety

- Experienced riders may not like the feeling of the propeller guard as the increased drag may cause them to crash unexpectedly when the propeller guard breaches. This would be similar to slamming the breaks on a car at high speed.

- Most semi competent foilers will not enjoy the addition of the Prop Guard while riding... we all hate it at HQ!

- Increased Drag

- Reduced runtime and thrust

Who this might be good for

We see the propeller guard as being something that could be used for leisure riders, children or those learning as an additional safeguard against propellers.

Riders MUST be educated on safe riding and falling techniques as if there was no propeller guard to understand the risks involved in the sport they are partaking in. Motors aside, foils are sharp and can cause harm and safety is imperative.

Proposed Cost Estimate

As a reasonable solution requires Injection Moulding and large quantities are required, we estimate this part to be AUD $250 (USD $163). This fee is not estimated as it is to include markup, but simply covers the cost of manufacturing of the part.


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As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy Foil Driving!


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