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Motor Plug Care, Maintenance and InstallationUpdated 15 days ago

Correct technique on bolting Gen2 motor plug to system, as well as maintaining bolt threads.

There have been a few customers who have accidently threaded their bolts when trying to bolt up their Gen2 motor to their system, so we have recorded a video to demonstrate the best technique on how to fit it as well as best practice on maintaining your bolts and the bolt threads.

Installing Motor Plug - Key Points

a) Remove the rotor before attempting to bolt motor plug

b) Ensure the driver is perfectly level on a vertical plane on all bolts before attempting to tighten 

c) Only needs to be finger tight

d) If there is resistance when tightening, STOP, and double check the bolt is straight!

Bolt Thread Maintenance - Key Points

a) Remove bolts often and lubricate to prevent corrosion 

b) Use a damp earbud to clean inside bolt threads to remove sand/debris

Threaded bolt holes

a) If you find your bolts are not going in smoothly, or are going in on an angle, you may need to clean up the threads. 

b) Tool you need to clean up threads - Sutton Tools M4 x 0.7 Intermediate Hand Tap - Bunnings Australia  

Please watch the video below for more information.

Please also look after the O-Rings - Learn More Here.

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