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The Foil Drive crew talk tech, design and product

Foil Drive Lithium-Ion Batteries Explained

Foil Drive Lithium-Ion Batteries Explained. This article features information about these batteries and how you can respect them for prolonged efficiency and performance, and what to do if your battery gets wet. The 2170 series battery cells we use i

Foil Drive Motor Design | Universal

Tech Talk series with Founders Paul & Ben unpacking the Foil Drive™ Motor Design & Waterproofing system.

Wireless Controller Signal Connection - Tech Talk | Gen2

Watch the Tech Talk below to learn how Bluetooth signal works, what materials make it more difficult to transmit through and our tips and techniques to optimising this connection. In this Tech Talk, Ben and Paul discuss:. a) 2.4ghz signal and how it

Comparing the Assist MAX vs Assist Slim | Gen2

Comparing the Foil Drive Assist Max vs Assist Slim to find which unit is the best for you!. With three Foil Drives now in the line-up, which one is best for you?. They all have their pro's and con's depending on what you are trying to do with your Fo

Universal Mast Adaptor - Tech Talk | Universal

Foil Drive are stoked to announce our latest innovation - the Universal Mast Adaptor!. Using your own gear just became even easier!. After hours of testing, we are finally able to share an adaptor that makes fitting your Foil Drive that much easier!.

Choosing a Board - Tech Talk | Gen2

While almost any foil board with standard tracks will work with Foil Drive Gen2, some designs and shapes work better than others. In this Tech Talk, Paul and Jamie work through a small selection of the Foil Drive Fleet of demo and R&D boards and disc