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Comparing the Assist MAX vs Assist Slim | Gen2Updated 2 months ago

Comparing the Foil Drive Assist Max vs Assist Slim to find which unit is the best for you!

With three Foil Drives now in the line-up, which one is best for you? 

They all have their pro's and con's depending on what you are trying to do with your Foil Drive, your skill level, foil gear of choice, conditions and budget.

Compare the product range:

Foil Drive Gen2 - Assist MAX

Foil Drive Gen2 - Assist Slim

Foil Drive - Assist PLUS

Want to know more?

Checkout the Compare Page on our website for more information.

Watch the video below to hear what Paul, Dom, Jamie and Dave think of each of the system!

Or listen to the episode, here.  

Intro - Comparing Riders 

6:20 Intro to Gen2 Systems 

7:53 New to Foiling? 

9:55 Already a Competent Foiler? 

12:13 Which is the Best Wing? 

14:07 Hybrid Foiling 

17:07 Slim Endurance vs Assist Plus with Medium Battery 

20:40 When to Use Slim VS Max 

34:22 Thoughts on Assist MAX 

39:51 Further Comparisons - MAX vs Slim 

56:15 Choosing Batteries 

59:57 Motor Lengths 

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Happy Foil Driving!

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