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Choosing a Board - Tech Talk | Gen2Updated 22 days ago

While almost any foil board with standard tracks will work with Foil Drive Gen2, some designs and shapes work better than others. In this Tech Talk, Paul and Jamie work through a small selection of the Foil Drive Fleet of demo and R&D boards and discuss their different attributes and benefits or drawbacks for Foil Drive. 

NB: The use of boards that feature carbon fibre foil tracks cannot be guaranteed to have solid wireless connection with Gen2. Known brands with connectivity issues include Armstrong FG boards, Takuma Rising Sun, Takoon. 


0:00 Intro 

0:43 Types of Boards 

3:00 Length is Key! 

5:45 Flat vs Curved Boards 

6:15 Weight Distribution on Boards 

7:00 Smaller Boards 

9:16 Best Boards & Comparisons 

11:36 Heavier vs Lighter Riders 

13:34 Further Comparison of Boards 

14:15 Carbon Boards & Signal

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