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Pairing or Connecting Controller to Foil DriveUpdated 24 days ago

Pairing or connecting the wireless controller to Foil Drive unit. This is how to re-pair lost wireless link or connection between controller and motor, similar to connecting a Bluetooth device. If you have turned on your controller and connected your battery and your motor is not responding, you may need to re-pair your controller to your Foil Drive.

Note: Any controller with Foil Drive etched into the side cover (firmware above v21) will have Pairing displayed in menu option 4. Pairing.


1. Power button

2. Throttle trigger

3. Cruise control trigger


1. Turn on the controller (1) and ensure your Assist PLUS battery is unplugged.

2. Hold down cruise control trigger (3) and single press the power button (1) to enter the menu, 

4. Once in the menu, let go of the trigger (3).

5. Press power button (1) for 1-2 seconds to select Option “1. Pair”  Or some newer controllers, "4. Pairing"

6. The screen should now display “Pairing...” 

7. Plug in the battery.

8. The controller screen will revert back to the menu after 1.5 seconds.

Note: If your motor is still not responding, exit the menu by pressing the cruise control throttle and re-do these steps. 

6. Ensure the props are clear of obstruction and test the motor is responding by squeezing the throttle trigger (2).

If problems persist, please email [email protected] with details of your issues. Please include photos and a video so we can help you troubleshoot in a timely manner.

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