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Controller Troubleshooting & Repair

Troubleshooting and repairing your Foil Drive controller

Troubleshooting Controller Issues

Troubleshooting Throttle Issues on your Foil Drive™ Wireless Controller.

Controller Telemetry Incorrect or Missing

How to Fix Foil Drive™ Controller Not Showing Telemetry Data

Checking Controller Triggers

If your controller triggers are not performing correctly, please remove the cover and check the state of the magnets on the inside of the triggers. CORRODED MAGNETS ON TRIGGERS. We have had a small batch of controllers in 2022 that had trigger magnet

Replacing Controller Triggers and Springs

If your controller spring breaks, or your triggers need replacing, follow these instructions on how to replace them. Follow the video and steps below on how to replace your triggers and springs in your wireless controller. What you will need:. - Smal

Factory Reset Foil Drive Controller

Follow the video and instructions below to carry out the re-set. WIRELESS CONTROLLER FEATURES. 1. Power button. 2. Throttle trigger. 3. Cruise control trigger. Instructions:. With the controller off,. 1. Press and hold both throttle trigger (2) and c

Pairing or Connecting Controller to Foil Drive

Pairing or connecting controller to Foil Drive unit. Similar process to connecting a Bluetooth device. Re-pair lost wireless link between controller and motor

Recalibrating Controller Triggers

Detailed article on how to re-calibrate triggers on your Foil Drive™ Wireless Controller.