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Checking Controller TriggersUpdated 23 days ago

If your controller triggers are not performing correctly, please remove the cover and check the state of the magnets on the inside of the triggers.


We have had a small batch of controllers in 2022 that had trigger magnets that were prone to corroding. This has been resolved in all current model controllers.

Common issues:

- Not recalibrating

- Cruise control not reliably engaging or disengaging

- Percentage not returning to zero.

If you open your controller and the magnet is exposed but looks in good condition, you should remove the trigger and coat the magnets in liquid electrical tape, marine Sikaflex silicon or any sort of coating that will protect the magnets from salt water but not be too bulky. 

Purchase replacements here. 

See video below on how to inspect your magnets.

If you do have corroded magnets, please stop using your Foil Drive and contact us at [email protected] with some images. 

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