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Boost Mode | Foil Drive AppUpdated 15 days ago

This article will explain what Boost Mode is, how to adjust it and how to use it. 

Boost Mode is a function that you will have access to adjusting within the Foil Drive App. Boost Mode can be adjusted from 1%, up to 20% depending on which system and battery you are running. You can also switch it 'OFF'. 

What is Boost Mode? 

Boost Mode in available for all Gen2 Foil Drive units via the Foil Drive App.

Boost Mode is a feature within the Foil Drive app that allows the user to program extra boost power on top of full throttle power for the first 12 seconds of a take-off. The percentage can be adjusted from 1%, up to 20%. If this is not a feature you want or need, you can simply turn it 'OFF'.  

How do I Adjust Boost Mode?

You will be prompted to choose a Boost Mode during the programming process of your Foil Drive unit to the Foil Drive App.  

How do I activate Boost Mode when in the water?

Simply pull the trigger past 95% throttle and this will activate the extra Boost Mode. However, if you release the trigger during the 12 second period, it will deactivate the boost mode, and you will be back to normal percentage of throttle. The Boost Mode will only re-activate once you have gone below 50% throttle for 5 seconds, to re-activate, simply press the trigger past 95% throttle again. 

Note: These restrictions are in place to ensure the system has time to cool down and not cause any damage to any of the equipment. 

What is Boost Mode and when should I use it?

Boost Mode is really good for heavier riders, those using really small boards and foils, flat water environments, as well as low surf and low wind conditions. Basically, any time you wish you had a little extra power!

To learn more, watch the video below.

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