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Motor System & Pod Troubleshooting


Foil Drive™ Motor Vibrating

What To Do If Your Foil Drive™ Motor is Vibrating When Foiling. Although uncommon, here are a few things to consider if you feel your motor isn't running smoothly. 1. Ensure both propeller blades aren’t damaged, even a small chip from the blade can c

Motor Cutting Out When In Use

MOTOR CUTTING OUT WHEN IN USE. This is likely due to the box or controller being submerged below water. The wireless signal between the controller and the box needs to be above water. Water is an extremely hard substance to transmit a wireless signal

Puck Not Fitting on Universal Motor Pod

Puck not Fitting on V2 Universal Motor Pod. If you have an older 3D printed puck, you may experience difficulty fitting it to a V2 Universal Pod. There is a small batch of V4 N12 pucks that do not fit into the new v2 Universal Pods. There is a small