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Wireless Controller Troubleshooting


Trigger Issues on Foil Drive™ Controller

Troubleshooting Throttle Issues on your Foil Drive™ Wireless Controller.

Factory Re-Set on Foil Drive™ Controller

How to Perform a Factory Re-Set on your Foil Drive™ Wireless Controller. Although uncommon, if you ever have trouble re-pairing with your motor or have calibration issues after replacing triggers or your controller is just not doing what it is suppos

Re-Calibrating Foil Drive™ Controller Triggers

Detailed article on how to re-calibrate triggers on your Foil Drive™ Wireless Controller.

Throttle Mode Re-Set for v1 Foil Drive™ Controllers

How to Change Throttle Mode on your Foil Drive™ v1 Wireless Controller.

Pairing or Connecting Controller to Foil Drive

Pairing or connecting controller to Foil Drive unit. Similar process to connecting a Bluetooth device. Re-pair lost wireless link between controller and motor

Foil Drive™ Controller Telemetry Data Missing

How to Fix Foil Drive™ Controller Not Showing Telemetry Data