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Purchasing and Shipping

Want to purchase? Ordering, shipping, returns & warranty information.

Payment Options

Direct Debit, Credit Card, WISE payment options when purchasing a Foil Drive™ kit

Returns & Exchanges

Exchange and refund policy for Foil Drive™ orders

Shipping FAQs

Frequently asked questions about shipping options and what to expect when your Foil Drive has been dispatched

Import Duties & Tax/VAT Calculator

How to Estimate Import Duties and Tax/VAT. This site should be used as a planning tool ONLY. Costs will change daily depending on the currency exchange rate and may vary from your quote. Follow these simple steps to calcu

International Foil Drive™ Orders: Currency & Import Fees

How to work out currency and import fees when ordering a Foil Drive kit from Australia

Importing your Foil Drive to the USA - Form 5106

How to complete Form 5106 when importing your Foil Drive™ from Australia into the USA

NZ & International Orders Containing Foil Drive™ Batteries

Restrictions on Importing Lithium-Ion batteries from Foil Drive™ into New Zealand and internationally.

Foil Drive™ Warranty Policy

FOIL DRIVE™ PARTS. Foil Drive units come with a 1-year limited warranty. Foil Drive™ components have been carefully manufactured and hand assembled here in Australia with quality control processes in place to ensure your product is made to a high sta

Ordering Replacement Parts for your Foil Drive™

CREATING AN ACCOUNT. If you are a new customer, or you have purchased your kit through one of our dealers, click HERE to create an account. 1. When creating an account, you will be prompted to enter your email:. 2. After entering in your email addres

Registering your Foil Drive Powered Craft

As a consumer, it is your responsibility to ascertain if your Foil Drive will need to be registered in your local area, State or country. Each Foil Drive system has a unique serial number on the inside of your Gen1 or Gen2 system which can be found i