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Import Duties & Tax/VAT CalculatorUpdated 17 days ago

Follow the steps below to generate a quote on import duties and tax/VAT fees on your Foil Drive kit.

How to Estimate Import Duties and Tax/VAT

This site should be used as a planning tool ONLY. 

Costs will change daily depending on the currency exchange rate and may vary from your quote.

Follow these simple steps to calculate the approximate costs of import duties & taxes.

The screenshot is an example ONLY.

1. Click this link to access the calculating tool. 

Importing from

1. Import from: Australia 

2. Currency: AUD 

Importing to

1. Choose your location 

2. Choose your currency

Product description 

This will vary depending on what you have ordered. Choose the HS code of the most expensive item. You can do the quote multiple times for each item if you wish.

Choose from the following HS codes:

1. Foil Drive Kit (Complete system): 9506.29.00

2. Spare parts/accessories: 3926.90.99

Product Value

1. Input the total cost of your purchase.

2. Next to product quantity, leave the default field as CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight).

Shipping costs

1. In your cart on the website, you will get a shipping cost once you input your address. 

For example, Foil Drive Kits with a battery (DG), ship for AUD$350.00.

Insurance costs

1. Insurance coverage is included in the FD shipping cost, so you can leave this section blank.

Once complete, click the 'calculate import duty & taxes button.

The below screenshot is an example of the breakdown of costs. 

This is an estimate planning tool only, please remember this figure can change, based on the currency conversion at the time and your local customs authority. 

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As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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