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Want to purchase? Ordering, shipping, returns & warranty information.

Website Login - Creating an Account on Foil Drive™ Website

Creating an account on the Foil Drive™ website will give you access to a wider range of products and features.

Foil Drive™ - Local Dealers and Lead Times

Find out where Foil Drive™ ships from, what the lead time is, and more.

Payment Options when Ordering a Foil Drive™

Direct Debit, Credit Card, WISE payment options when purchasing a Foil Drive™ kit

Foil Drive™ - Returns & Exchanges

Exchange and refund policy for Foil Drive™ orders

Shipping FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about shipping options and what to expect when your Foil Drive has been dispatched

Foil Drive™ - Import Duties & Tax/VAT Calculator

Follow the steps below to generate a quote on import duties and tax/VAT fee's on your Foil Drive™ kit. How to Estimate Import Duties and Tax/VAT. This site should be used as a planning tool ONLY. Costs will change daily d

International Foil Drive™ Orders: Currency & Import Fees

How to work out currency and import fees when ordering a Foil Drive kit from Australia

Importing your Foil Drive to the USA - Form 5106

How to complete Form 5106 when importing your Foil Drive™ from Australia into the USA

NZ & International Orders Containing Foil Drive™ Batteries

Restrictions on Importing Lithium-Ion batteries from Foil Drive™ into New Zealand and internationally.


WARRANTY. FOIL DRIVE™ PARTS. Foil Drive Assist PLUS comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS components have been carefully manufactured and hand assembled here in Australia with quality control processes in place to ensure your

Ordering Replacement Parts for your Foil Drive™

ORDERING REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR REPAIRS / REFURBISHING. Creating an account will give you access to a range of replacement parts and accessories which are exclusive to registered owners of Foil Drive™ units. To create an account, please follow the ste