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Electronic Box Troubleshooting & Repair

Troubleshooting and repairing your Foil Drive electronics box

Replacing the Latches | Gen2

The latches between the Slim and Max are different sizes, so please be mindful of which set you purchase should you need to replace them. What you will need:. - Foil Drive Hex driver. - Replacement latches (Slim or Max). - Foil Drive Dielectric greas

Water in Gen2 Nose Cone

This is purely cosmetic/annoyance value and will not affect the usage of your Gen2 System. Related Articles - Click to Read: Nose Cone Rocker Foam Pads Foil Drive Gen 2 Install | Full Unboxing & Assembly O-Ring Seal Care and Maintenance. Replacing th

Replacing the Box Latches | Gen1

If you are not comfortable performing these tasks, you can of course contact [email protected] or your local dealer to arrange to send your kit to one of our authorised repair centres for a service. You'll Need:. - Replacement Box Latches. 1. Rem

Replacing the Box Lid | Gen1

The box lids are easily replaced if they get worn, damaged, bent, broken or lost. You'll Need:. - Replacement Box Lid. - Some muscle, but some care also. Process:. 1. Remove old lid from box. Inspect the lid hinges to understand the direction you nee

Replacing Latch Protectors | Gen1

If your latch protectors have been damaged or are upgrading to the new V2 Latch Protectors, simply follow the steps below. V2 latch protectors come with an added locking mechanism for fail-safe protection to prevent your latches from popping open whe

Waterproof Cable Gland | Gen1

It’s important to check the tightness of the cable gland before/during each use. To do this, gently tug on the cable at the box end. If it can slide out of the gland with little force, you’ll need to follow the steps below before entering the water.

Removing The Cover From Electronics Box | Gen1

Here is a short video explaining what to look out for when lifting the cover up off your Assist or Assist PLUS (It is the same process for both). Note: If replacing the cover or the battery monitor, there may be a small amount of hot melt glue or sil