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Replacing the Latches | Gen2Updated 2 days ago

This article outlines how to replace the latches on Gen2 Foil Drive systems, and how to properly latch your unit to avoid excess strain on your latches.

The latches between the Slim and Max are different sizes, so please be mindful of which set you purchase should you need to replace them. 

What you will need:

- Foil Drive Hex driver

- Replacement latches (Slim or Max)

- Foil Drive Dielectric grease 

IMPORTANT: Use ONLY the provided Foil Drive Battery Grease on your unit. Do NOT use any other brand of battery grease on your battery or plugs.


1. On the bottom side of the unit, use your blue Foil Drive hex driver to remove the two screws on the top outer most corners of the unit. See photo below.

2. Once the bolt is removed, the latch simply lifts off. If your bolt has corroded, you will need to replace it with a spare bolt that came in your kit at the time of purchase.

Note: It is important to note that the two latches are different and matching them up correctly is imperative.


3. If you have removed the latch on the side with the writing, find the replacement latch that has the 'F' etched into it. This latch is to go to the side with the writing ONLY. See photo below.

4. Before putting the bolt through the replacement latch and unit, apply some dielectric grease on the thread to prevent the bolt from seizing up. 

IMPORTANT: To prevent putting strain on your latches, ensure to latch both simultaneously. 

Ensure your battery is fully inserted with the nose cone touching the O-Ring. Avoid putting excessive amounts of Foil Drive dielectric grease on the O-Ring as this prevents the nose cone from fitting. If it is too difficult to get the latches to secure, stop and re-position.

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