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Replacing the Box Latches | Gen1Updated 9 days ago

The electronics box latches are easily replaced if they get worn, damaged, bent, broken or lost.

If you are not comfortable performing these tasks, you can of course contact [email protected] or your local dealer to arrange to send your kit to one of our authorised repair centres for a service.

You'll Need:

- Replacement Box Latches

1. Remove old latches from lid

Simply position the latch 90 degrees from the surface of the lid and push the latch up to release it from the bar on the lid.

2. Inspect new latches for conformity and shape

Ensure they are not bent, damaged or have a moulding defect of any type

3. Replace latch with new ones

Placing the open section of the latch hinge over the bar on the lid and pushing down.

4. Test close the lid and latches and inspect using the Visual Inspection Checklist

Check for a solid tension when the latch is snapped closed.

5. Perform a "dunk test" to ensure the box water tightness


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