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Removing The Cover From Electronics Box | Gen1Updated 11 days ago

Here is a short video explaining what to look out for when lifting the cover up off your Assist or Assist PLUS (It is the same process for both). 

Note: If replacing the cover or the battery monitor, there may be a small amount of hot melt glue or silicon securing the plug into the back of the monitor. This can be removed carefully with a pick or your fingernail.



1. Hex driver

2. Replacement screen (if needed) - Cover & Battery Monitor – Foil Drive Pty Ltd 


1. Using your hex driver that came with your kit, undo the small bolt in the top left corner of your monitor cover. 

2. Gently wiggle the cover from side to side.

Note: There are cables attached underneath so do not yank the cover

3. Slide power lead though and slightly turn the cover over. 

4. Remove the clip from the back of the display. 


 1. Attach cable to monitor screen.

2. Feed through antenna through hole in the top left corner near where your bolt is screwed in.

3. Feed through power cable.

4. Secure the cover in place and screw in the bolt.

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