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Three Blade Propeller Hub -Foil Drive Performance UpgradeUpdated 3 months ago

Three Blade Propeller Performance Upgrade for Foil Drive
 Assist Plus Systems 

Foil Drive is excited to release a new performance upgrade option for the propeller system of Assist PLUS units. It is specifically designed for riders who require more low-end torque, whether this is due to using a low volume board, a smaller or higher aspect foil than normal or being a heavier rider. 

Note: This upgrade is not compatible with Assist units.

Below: Introducing the Three Blade Propeller PERFORMANCE UPGRADE

Below: Detailed Tech Talk Eo4. Three Blade Propeller - Learn all about the three blade propeller pros and cons and best use cases with Dom & Paul.

Break Down of the Pros and Cons


- Produces more thrust than conventional 2 blade propellers

- Increased low-end torque, allowing riders to get up on foil easier (Especially so for heavier riders)

- Reduces cavitation, resulting in a quieter and smoother ride 


- Can not be run at 100% throttle in e-foil mode for long periods of time. Doing so could cause the electronics to overheat and enter thermal protection mode.

- Lower high-end speed in comparison to 2 blade propeller system 

- Less battery time (this will vary depending on how you use your system. Small bursts will only reduce run time slightly. Longer bursts and demands on the system will drain your battery faster). 

Purchase Options

The three-blade propeller hub option will be available as an upgrade on all new orders placed through the Foil Drive website, as well as an individual product for those who already own a Foil Drive Assist PLUS unit (Links to purchase are below).

Included with your purchase is a range of hardware including two options of bolts - standard propeller bolts and new button top bolts. The new button top bolts improve hydrodynamics as they are not in the flow of the water and do not cause formation of small bubbles entering the prop.

Three Blade Propeller SET: Three Blade Propeller Set – Foil Drive Pty Ltd 

Three Blade Propeller UPGRADE: Three Blade Propeller Hub Upgrade – Foil Drive Pty Ltd  

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